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Gateway 3DS Flashcart
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Gateway 3DS Flashcart


2.0 release and clones


Our work is close to completion, but as our users know, we care very much about quality and we won't release our new firmware before it has been tested in depth and approved by our beta-testing team.

Besides better compatibility for the latest roms, we also have in the meanwhile started working on some new features that will surprise and please you all. There are many more good things to come in the future of Gateway 3DS and its users. The Future is Gateway 3DS !

Gateway 3DS

On a side note, there has been a clone announced under various different brand names.

We want to advise people interested in this product that it is a simple clone based on our 1.0 firmware (with all its limitations), with cheap Chinese design and components. It will inevitably fail and brick over time with or without updates as it is using our software which was not designed for their hardware.

By purchasing this device, you face the certainty of an unsupported and dead product before long. Please keep in mind the short life span of such products before going through a purchase, you might end up thinking you have been scammed.

We provide support and innovative features unprecedented by any other team before, and we will continue doing so with firmware updates that everyone can enjoy.

We will be back soon with 2.0 firmware and more exciting news about the future of Gateway 3DS!

Gateway 3DS Card



After receiving alot of emails with questions on our new 2.0 firmware update, we decided to answer some recurring questions :

- Are you working on multirom support? Yes, we are working on multirom support. We hope to have it ready for the 2.0 release.

- Are you working on nand savegame support for pokemon/animal crossing? Yes, we will have pokemon and animal crossing working for the 2.0 release, we will not stop until we have this working!

- What can I do with emunand? It will emulate the system's storage and redirect it to SD, which allows you to update the "emulated NAND" to latest firmware while still keeping your system's physical NAND storage to 4.5. This means you won't need to miss out on fun things like eShop and more.

- Will you support retail gamecards? Yes, we will add an option to launch the original firmware (with emunand support) so you can play retail gamecards.

- Will you support saving without needing to close the application? Yes, we are working on directly updating the savegame file on SD when the savegame chip is being updated. We hope to have it ready for the 2.0 release.

- Are you working on supporting online play? We will start working on this after the 2.0 release.

- Are you working on supporting 5.x and 6.x 3DS systems? Yes, we have still not given up hope to support these consoles. But please be patient.

Gateway 3DS 2.0 Sneak Peak 2 of 2


GW3DS Nand Emulation:

After a lot of brainstorming sessions we decided it was time to realise one of the revolutionary ideas that we have in store for you! We have been working very hard to bring you our 3DS console NAND emulation solution that will allow you to run up-to-date firmware, without the need for spoofing!

To accomplish this feature a part of the 3DS SD card is used as a fully mirrored NAND image while still being able to use the SD card like normal.

The first step is BACKING UP YOUR NAND! Second, run our SD formatter from within the GW GUI to format the SD card with a unique copy of your console's NAND. On the next Gateway boot, the console will automatically relaunch from the NAND image on SD, which means you can safely update to the latest firmware! Say hello to e-shop [;-)]

Ohh and MH4 is finally working [;-)] XY is officially WIP. Porting our patches from 4.5 to 6.3 is time-consuming and tedious so please bare with us for a little while longer, testing and safety is paramount for such a release. As always, we know you will ENJOY !!

P.S.: We have finally cleared all back-orders from the initial Gateway purchase rush. We are happy to announce that we are now fully in stock and that all new orders are shipped 'next day'.

Gateway 3DS 2.0 Sneak Peak 1 of 2


Sorry about the wait since last update. We are working hard on making Gateway better and better with every built. And the next one will be a major evolution.

As a quick preview here are some snapshots of what we have been working on to keep you waiting while we finalize this update.

Finally some visual feedback !!


Console NAND back up !


On screen diagnostics :-)


There is more to come, we are saving the best for last. So stay tuned for part 2 before the finale release 2.0

And thanks to all for your support!

Release 1.2: iQue and HK support


GW_Release 1.2: Support for iQue (China) and HK (Taiwan) region consoles has finally arrived !
The latest Blue card GW_Installer.nds will now prompt the user to select the correct region.
Consoles from the above regions will need to run the latest GW_Installer.nds.

Hardware Diagnostics and SPI reset:

Due to numerous issues primarily related to third party hardware, as of GW release 1.2 and onwards we have embedded a hardware diagnostics and verification routine into the Gateway Launcher.

This diagnostics mode is designed to:

1) Reset the GW onboard SPI FLASH. Should fix some "The game card has been removed" errors.
2) Sequentially test and verify the FPGA, SPI FLASH, and MicroSD functionality.
3) Stability verification of MicroSD cards. (Inserted into Red GW card)

For this reason we have provided a 1GB test file that should be written to the MicroSD card.
If this file is detected during the diagnostics test, the GW LED will flash a hue from blue to red depending on the detected read speed (Blue for fast and progressively changing towards Red for slow). The complete 1GB file will take up to 5 minutes to be verified, at which point the LED will turn constant green.

To enter into diagnostics mode, make sure you have the latest GW release build copied to your 3DS sd card. Hold down the "L" button while triggering the "Nintendo DS Profile" entry point. The 3ds will show black/gray screens with wifi / date and battery indicators on the top screen. Insert red GW card and press "L" to start the test.

Hardware Diagnostics sequence and LED colour meaning

Test 1. FPGA RED
Test 2. SPI write test YELLOW
Test 3. SPI read test TEAL
Test 4: SD
Blue = No valid SD data
White = Fat32 partition detected
Green = 3ds ROM header found (if you are still experiencing problems please download and write our GW_testrom to your micro SD, for a full read test)
When GW_testrom is detected on the micro SD, LED will flash hue from blue to red depending on the detected read speed, at the end of a full 1G successful read of the test file the LED should turn to constant Green.

If any test fails the diagnostics will halt on that test. (So if you start diagnostics and only see a constant RED, this means the FPGA is faulty and you should contact your reseller for a replacement. Constant RED,YELLOW or TEAL is idicative of a non user repairable fault)

Please note "The game card has been removed" error is most likely caused by rom data corruption, the diagnostics tools provided here were designed to offer the end user a way to verify his/her hardware setup, primarily rom writing, please ensure a full read test is performed using the GW_testrom file prior to contacting your reseller.

Check the download section HERE for all required files.

PUBLIC RELEASE OF Gateway 3DS V1.1a Region-free and Firm-Spoof


We would like to thank all our beta testers for their timely response and reporting.

Common minor issues we are aware of are:

1) The lack of upper screen banner for some titles which trigger both region and firmware spoof requirements.

2) Some expected issues related to language fonts

There have been some unique reports of issues related to title exit or first GW3DS entry after installing the update. We believe these are either related to file fragmentation of the 3DS SD card or some users trimming the titles to fit on the red card's micro SD. Please make sure to try a new SD card for the 3DS as well as micro SD for the Gateway card together with a known good un-modified title, where possible.

Installation of the update is simple, download our release HERE and simply replace the "Launcher.dat" file on the 3DS SD card. ENJOY !!

Unshackling The Shackled !


REGION-FREE and FIRMWARE SPOOFING released to beta testers !!! We are ecstatic to announce the beta release of our much awaited region liberator :-) All beta testers are kindly asked to feedback any issues in a timely manner so we can move the release to the wider public.

OSX fans :- We searched high and low for a suitable SD image writer and came up empty handed :-( therefore we decided to code our own tool for you :-) Please feel free to make use of our Mac OS 3DS SD Imager tool in place of the win 32 disk imager mentioned in our guides.

As always ENJOY !

Note: we are aware of compatibility issues with the iQue and HK units, rest assured work is in progress !

Firmware spoofing and Region Free - Homebrew now in the works


Server Down ! Our sincere apologies for the server downtime. Apparently due to power spike and subsequent hardware failure.

As most already know from our YouTube post we proudly announce 2 critical features "Firmware spoofing" allowing newer backups which force updates higher than 4.5 to be run safely in GW mode. And "Region Free" allowing any backup normally locked to a specific region console to be used freely.

As a development team we are especially excited to announce the start of our long term dream to enable 3DS home-brew. We have long awaited the time to be able to start working on opening up your 3DS to the amazing home-brew talent. This is not a trivial feat to accomplish and it will take time ! In the meanwhile we will of course continue to enhance the GW3DS with rich features.

Shout out to emo kid 68 for discovering an interesting fact about our Gateway installer inhibiting the update nagger ! ( If there are no apps awaiting installation (just delete them) then after running our blue card GW installer the update nagger disappears)

GATEWAY 3DS Manuals & Files


Please find in our downloads section links to .zip which includes V1.0 manuals and files for Gateway 3DS.

Currently it is not compatible with firmware above 4.5 but we are working on making it compatible as quickly as possible with 5.x and 6.x firmwares. It is most likely to happen in the weeks to come since we are now done with V1.0 of our product and can now fully concentrate on newer firmware and new functions.

Since the product is now released and soon in Nintendo's hands, anything above 6.2.0 will most likely never be compatible.

In any case: NEVER update, as we never know if we can make a fix for any update. Remove automatic updates by enabling parental control to prevent any accident.

We can't repeat it enough, do NOT update if you want to be able to enjoy the only solution for your 3DS: Gateway! You have been warned!



First units to ship this week !

And a quick note to update our FAQ regarding the use of the "blue" card and recent title releases:

Can the blue card run DS home brew ?

YES :- The bundled blue ds card, is in essence a standard DS cart capable of both DS backups and home brew for DS mode, tested to work on 6.1

Is the blue card required for every power cycle ?

No :- Our custom Gateway Installer DS app is only required to be run once to setup and thereafter any time the console is used in DS mode.

Does Gateway support all games:

No :- Animal Crossing uses unique NAND based save hardware in the cart, support will be added through a GW firmware update. Mario (released last week) is forcing 5.1 update. We have prioritised work on supporting all such future releases. Stay tuned.

Please NOTE the FAQ update was specifically speaking about our bundled BLUE DS card not the Gateway RED 3DS card ! as mentioned the Blue DS card is a standard DS card for DS mode. Gateway works on (4.1 -> 4.5) only for now.



The wait is over! The first ever backup device that enables playback of 3DS ROMS is now a reality. The device is in its final stages of design and production is just around the corner. Stay tuned and enjoy the show!